Monday, 30 May 2011

My new Printer

I have brought a new printer for my computer as the old one - after six years loyal seervice finally gave up the ghost - no big deal - except of course it is a huge deal when it comes to installing it. Forget 'Plug and Play' - when I try to make anything work it is more   'Plug and throw a Tantrum' - I am now on Day 2 of trying to get my top of the range HPofficejet 7500A to actually communicate with my computer and print something  and it obstinately refuses to play - telling me that the USB is not connected when it bloody well is. I have often thought that I ought to be employed by firms like HP to actually write an 'idiots' guide to their machine. The mistake manufacturers all make is employing people who understand the bit of kit too actually write the manual - when the person who ought to be writing it is either me - or if you really want a complete technological illiterate - my wife.

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  1. You should have bought a Mac, they design with simplicity in mind from the start.