Friday, 21 November 2014


Plymouth gin -is - surprise- distilled in Plymouth and is currently the only gin with a Geographic Indication (GI) which means that it can only be made within the city boundary and with specific ingredients.

Sadly the company was sold some years ago to the ghastly overseas conglomerate Pernod Ricard a spokesman  of which said: ".... the company has realised it is not in the best interests of Plymouth gin to retain GI status."

Pass the sick bag. what he meant is that to say is this:

"We smelly French want to exploit the Plymouth Gin brand and make as much money out of it as possible and the easiest way of doing that is by distilling it where it is cheapest and most convenient for us to do so - which is not -actually in Plymouth - as we don't give a stuff for Plymouth or it's people."

Could Pinault Ricard's determination to devalue the name and brand of Plymouth gin have anything to do with the fact that for generations it has been the favourite drink of the Royal Navy and -if you want a laugh - ask Google to list French naval victories over the Royal Navy- there just aren't any.

The people of Plymouth, the Royal Navy and anyone else interested in the unique heritage of Plymouth gin must unite to fight the ghastly French and ensure that Plymouth gin remains unique to Plymouth .