Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I have got a new hero - now that -in this modern world which is virtually devoid of heroes - is quite something. His name is Paul Sykes and he is the very rich Yorkshire businessman who has pledged his fortune to making sure that every one in this country understands exactly why we -in the UK - must leave the European Union.  Now according to the CBI, the club of 'big business' he shouldn't do this as they are fanatical in their desire to keep Britain in Europe. But you know there is a great big difference between the likes of Paul Sykes and the over promoted, over paid bunch of has beens in the ranks of the CBI - the difference -Paul Sykes built his company and his fortune from scratch - most CBI members got to the top of companies by climbing a greasy pole.

Paul Sykes is doing what he is doing because he is a patriot who loves his country and he is sick of seeing it give up its historic Independence and freedoms for the proverbial forty pieces of silver.  Unfortunately Nick Clegg - the moronic deputy Prime Minister- doesn't understand the meaning of the word patriotism (and people thing that Westminster was a good school!) . Apparently Nick Clegg thinks that wanting Britain to leave the EU cannot be patriotic because ; 'it would leave many people poorer, it would leave us weaker as a country etc.'  Well - actually - Mr Clegg -using your criteria - we would definitely not have gone to war in 1939 - nor gone to war in 1914 - as both those conflicts caused us no end of economic grief. But we did so as we honoured treaty obligations and to fight tyranny. Now a different sort of tyranny is abroad. It is the tyranny of unelected judges, the tyranny of unelected and unaccountable officials, the tyranny of the urban political elite intent on foisting there ideas and 'vision' on everyone in this land.  The destruction of these tyrannies is surely worth fighting for and that is why Mr Sykes (someday I hope him to become Lord Sykes or even Paul Sykes Duke of....) is my new hero.