Monday, 4 July 2016

Nigel Farage -a dukedom deserved

Very few politicians  become truly historical figures.  One though who undoubtedly will be remembered as long as British History is taught is Nigel Farage. Love him or loathe him he is chiefly responsible for the biggest political upset since Attlee won the 1945 election - and  Attlee ended with an earldom!

OK a lot of credit is due for Brexit to the Leave team of Boris, Michael et al  but they would never have got to fight the battle without Nigel doing all the groundwork. It was he, as he reminded the European Parliament, who 17 years ago went there as an MEP and got up and told them that his AIM was to take Britain out of Europe and- as he said -'You laughed at me then -but you are not laughing now are you?'  Everyone has laughed at Nigel for the best part of twenty years.  The establishment, the City, the BBC (naturally), the Guardian and all the Chattering Classes. But Nigel has had the last laugh and is still laughing as they gnash their teeth and rent their raiment in disbelieving despair at their defeat.    

Enoch Powell said 'That all political careers end in disappointment.' Well not Nigel's who has resigned as leader of UKIP at the time of greatest triumph.. In future years a grateful country will -I believe - erect a statue to the man most responsible for our Independence from Europe.  So let's keep that vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square vacant for a few more years till the whole country can agree that Nigel's vision was for the benefit of his country as a whole and not just for a few elderly old farts like me.

That though is in the future. For the present it goes without saying that Nigel should be offered a peerage but a life peerage of the same type as has been dished out for the last decade to every 'establishment ' mediocrity is not sufficient reward.  If Attlee, Eden and Macmillan got earldoms then surely for the man who lead the battle for our Independence to a successful conclusion a dukedom is his only just reward.