Tuesday, 5 May 2015

the election

Suddenly everyone in the Conservative Party loves me.  No longer am I - being an old fashioned anti EU, pro immigration control, pro defence Tory an embarrassment - no now I am being being urgently wooed. Ian Duncan -Smith himself urges me and other UKIP supporters to return to the fold and he makes an -almost - convincing argument.

Vote Tory and Cameron will give you a referendum on Europe- vote UKIP and you will get Miliband and no referendum.

Well that almost convinces me and, if I had a Tory MP or candidate who I believed reflected my views then I would vote Conservative as I would vote for him not for Cameron. My MP though is a deputy whip which -frankly - says it all - so I will be voting UKIP.  But I will also be voting UKIP for another reason - I owe Farage. The only reason why Cameron is offering a 'guarantee' on a referendum is because of Nigel Farage, the only reason Cameron now takes immigration seriously is because of Nigel Farage. Nigel has changed British politics - he has taught the Conservative party a harsh lesson - if you move too far left in your ridiculous pursuit of the 'middle ground' you will lose your hard core support. Now - at the eleventh hour they have woken up to the fact that their 'hug a hoodie' strategy has delivered them 'fuck all'  new supporters while it has alienated around 5/10%  of voters  who where previously hard core supporters - that 5/10%, if they returned, to the fold would of course let Cameron in with a decent majority.

Sadly my loathing for Cameron and his acolytes -not to mention my distrust of my current conservative MP  cannot be quite overcome by the siren voices from Conservative Central Office because - when push comes to shove - I - and the for that matter every single patriot - owes one to Nigel Farage.