Sunday, 21 October 2012

Allan Mitchell -Plebs or Plods?

Well Allan Mitchell has gone and I don't much care as anyone who believes, as he professed to do, that spending more money on overseas aid whilst ruthlessly cutting the defence budget was a good thing is a very strange sort of Tory in my book.

But did he really call a policeman a 'fucking pleb.'  Well I don't believe he did what I think he actually called him was a 'fucking Plod.'  Now either the said policeman misheard or someone decided that it would in infinitely more damaging to the Chief Whip if the word 'plod' was changed to 'pleb.

Why is it more likely that Mitchell called the policeman a 'plod' simply because that is the generic name for uniformed policemen in the services and among plain clothes policeman. In fact if he had held his hand up and admitted calling the copper a 'fucking plod' the Police Federation would not have dared open their mouth as to condemn him as to do would have been to condemn the hole of CID.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Eric Hobsbawn

Now most of us, say 99.9% of us at a guess where, until he died at the ripe old age of 95 unaware of the existence of this evil rabid old Marxist historian. I was anyway and was amazed that the BBC devoted some five minutes of the Ten o'clock news to lamenting his demise. In the following days the newspapers where full of obituaries and Ed Milliband himself could not but mention that our Eric was ......'a man passionate about his politics and a great friend of my family.'

Well, yes, Eric Hobsbawn was 'passionate about his politics, so passionate in fact that he cheerfully admitted when asked in a TV interview    ' 1934 millions of people are dying in the Soviet experiment. If you had known that , would it have made any difference to you at the time? to your commitment ? to being a communist?'

Hobsbawn replied; 'probably not'

Now that is really someone being 'passionate' about politics- so passionate that you are cheerfully willing to condemn millions to their death on the oft chance that a social experiment will work. Actually Hobsbrawn's 'passion' rather reminds me of the 'passion' of the Nazis who indulged in genocide.  This putrid man is lauded as a great historian and thinker and yet he could and did somehow manage to write a history of the 20th century called 'the Age of Extremes 1914 -91' without mentioning the purges, the gulags or the famines which his Soviet heroes inflicted on their subjects. How can such a man receive such eulogies from so many when the central plank of his thinking was not just flawed but spawned such evil and suffering?  How can Ed Milliband get away with lauding the memory of a man who condoned mass slaughter and ethnic cleansing on such a massive scale? I don't know I wish someone would enlighten me.