Sunday, 28 November 2010

central heating

I have finally cracked. This morning I turned the central heating on.  I can't think when the last time was that we had the heating on in Novemember -if ever normally I don't turn it on till Christmas Day when it is done as a treat for the whole family. Bye bye golbal warming and hello to the new ice age.  I was inspired to this extravagant move by  Kishanda pointing out to me that the minimum temperature of a workplace by law was 61 degrees centigrade and our kitchen - even with the benefit of the Aga - was this morning only 55 degrees!  while the drawing room windows had ice on the inside and reminded me of breakfasts in my childhood when we used to draw pretty pictures on the ice which clad the interior of the dining room windows.  Of course it is not just for my benefit that I have turned on the heating - with the temperatures inside in parts of the house below freezing the dangers of frozen pipes and the resulting damage just seemd to great to ignore anymore.