Friday, 31 July 2015

Lord Thomas of Cwmgieed - a twit

The Judiciary needs taming. At present they consider themselves omnipotent, that they have a right to force their Metropolitan elite values on the rest of us. Totally disregarding the democratic will of the majority and totally disregarding the will of Parliament. Until the judiciary is tamed the security of this country is in jeopardy. The sheer arrogance and arrant stupidity of our highest court judges is beyond belief.

As an example let's look at the latest effort of  Lord Thomas of Cwmgieed -the Lord Chief Justice who - fully aware of his duty to ensure that the gravy train of legal aid continues to flow in an uninterrupted stream to such well deserving people as Sapna Malik - a female human rights lawyer who specialises- to her enormous profit -  in bringing cases against the British Army by alleging that soldiers broke suspects human rights in such peaceful countries as Iraq and Afghanistan - has just delivered his latest infantile judgement   The Noble Idiot -Lord Thomas - naturally found that it was illegal for the army to hold a suspected bomb maker in Afghanistan in detention  and naturally His Idioticy will-no  doubt - soon announce an enormous sum of compensation must be paid to the said suspect bomb maker - a sum - almost certainly - far in excess of that given to serving soldiers as compensation for loss of limbs or life in bomb explosions  

What is wrong with people like Lord Thomas - why do they hate their country? why do they hate the Army and lastly why can't it ever be the likes of them who are blown up by a terrorist bomb?

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Immigration - Grandmother's footsteps

When I was a child we played Grandmother's Footsteps - remember it?  One of you is 'Grandmother' and faces away from everyone else - The AIM is for the rest of the players to creep up on Grandmother without being spotted by her when moving as - periodically 'Grandmother' whizzes round and if she spot you in motion then you are sent back to the start line. 

Well I can't help thinking that the current chaotic situation over illegal immigration at Calais is much like Grandmother's Footsteps.  The illegal immigrants, pseudo asylum seekers and the rest of the riff raff know that the only punishment that awaits them as they cause chaos and damage in their attempts to get into the UK is to be sent back to the start line where they can try again. It is frankly pathetic. If we are serious in sorting the problem out the solutions are both simple and cheap.

1)  Electrify the fences.  Put 50,000 volts through a wire fence and I somehow doubt if any would be illegal immigrant would try it on.

2) Put any illegal immigrant/asylum seeker who has made it through the tunnel and is then caught straight back on the next train to Calais - no if's or buts.

Calais though is only part of the problem.  Libya is where most of those who end up at Calais make their initial crossing from on their way to 'the Promised Land' of the UK where housing and benefits will be generously provided and where your chances of being deported are virtually zero.

Libya -is of course a joke - so worried are European countries, including the UK as being lacking in humanitarian concern that - weirdly - we provide a ferry system for the illegals - once they leave Libyan waters - to the safe haven of Italy. The result is that we have made the journey both safer and quicker for illegals thus further enriching the people smugglers.


Friday, 24 July 2015

I hate BING and Microsoft

I've got a programme on my computer called 'Bing.'  Apparently it is  Microsoft's pathetic attempt at producing a search engine to rival Google and it is completely and utterly useless- the problem is I can't seem to get rid of it.  OK -it's my fault - never again will I allow myself to be conned into buying Microsoft latest software package -but that is 'lessons learnt' -question is how I resolve the issue.

The obvious answer is just download Google Chrome - but clever Microsoft have thought that one up and put numerous obstacles in my way - for instance two thirds of the way through downloading Google Chrome a message pops up saying 'download unsuccessful as permission of Personnel Administrator Required.'   Even when I do seem to have finally -somehow - managed to get a version of Google Chrome on my computer it doesn't seem to work properly.

The end result of this rant about Microsoft and Bing is that I hate Bing and Microsoft and will never ever buy anything from that bunch of toe rags again and so -if they think fucking up my computer  so I can't access Google like everyone else is a 'great marketing idea' then they are mistaken - I can't -surely - be the only person - who has a fucked up computer courtesy of these clowns. I would welcome any simple advice on how to beat these little shits at their game and have Google Chrome up and running as my search engine of choice.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

sexual harassment in the army

Blogging is like running - you need to get into a routine and -once you break that routine- it is quite difficult - for me anyway- to energise myself into writing again.  So what has inspired me to take up again? A complete 'fuck wit' report from the MOD who says - I quote:  "..that a culture of sexual harassment in the army will harm the country's ability to protect itself from attack"  Apparently the problem is so bad that it will affect the armed forces  "Operational Effectiveness."

Actually they are wrong -it won't but what undoubtedly will effect 'Operational Effectiveness' is political correctness within the MOD in particular writing stupid reports such as this. Apparently 90% of women in the Army have been in situations where colleagues told 'sexual jokes or stories.' I'm sorry -what is so strange about that? Actually I should think 90% of women full stop have been in just such situations and one has to wonder about the normality of the 10% who haven't.

The Army job is a simple one - kill the country's enemies. In order to do this effectively you need lots of fit young men with pretty high testosterone levels and - frankly - if girls want to join the army and serve with such men then they are going to have to live with the odd joke -if girls don't like it then  they shouldn't join or they should leave.