Friday, 7 October 2016

UKIP punch up

Let's make the most of it. UKIP should commission a series of adverts and posters showing the photo of  UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe lying unconscious having been -allegedly- felled by a blow from fellow, and aptly named, UKIP MEP Mike Hookem.  The caption - of course - would be; 'Real Men vote UKIP.'

Firstly let me say that knocking someone unconscious in a bare knuckle fight is not nearly as easy as John Wayne makes it look in the films. You have to hit the right spot with a lot of power to do that - how many Conservative MP's or MEP's would you bet on being able to do that- very few.  Now I am also prepared to bet - that when Stephen Woolfe get's back on his feet - he won't go running blubbing to a lawyer or the police but will shake hands with his assailant like a 'Real man' that he is.