Saturday, 2 March 2013

Eastleigh By election

I suspect the main effect of the Eastleigh by election result will be a sudden, and very welcome,silence from the Liberal Democrats on the 'unfairness' of the 'First Past the Post' election format.  It is all very well bleating about how 'unfair' and 'undemocratic' the First Past the Post system is when you would be the major beneficiary of  some form of Proportional Representation but hey - now - oh dear - those beastly UKIP people would get representation in Parliament - actually rather a lot representation too if the Polls are to be believed - rather more than us 'right on' Liberal democrats in fact - and that would never do would it?

 I mean you really can't let people like UKIP into Parliament - because they actually believe in something - something really horrible too -like putting their country first - like controlling immigration -like getting a grip of Human Rights abuse - like giving the people a referendum on Europe - like thinking - horror of horrors - that looking after our armed forces is a little bit more important than dishing out Overseas Aid to all and sundry.  I mean what they believe in is really disgusting - isn't it?

Because you see the Liberals - like all the current political establishment - are not really 'Democrats' at all.  If - by the word - Democrat - you mean governing according to the wishes of the people. It is -in fact - a very long time since politicians of any party bothered to actually take into account what people actually wanted.  No - today's politician - is like an old fashioned Nanny - Nanny knows best - so no matter how much you shout and scream there is nothing you can do about it because if you get rid of Nanny Cameron - you will get Nanny Milliband - whose medicine will be much the same but slightly nastier.  Except now there is a new kid on the block - UKIP - which actually stands for something - and oddly -an increasing number of people like what they hear.