Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The referendum debate

As the referendum campaign get's going I  go from despair to unwarranted optimism depending of course - on who I last talked to.   So have just been talking to a friend who attended a meeting in Exeter with about 70  other of 'the Great & Good' of the Exeter business community and - when the speaker - a distinguished economist - asked for a show of hands -only two out of the seventy supported leaving the EU! On the other hand I am currently employing a couple of builders and there is no nonsense about them - they are voting LEAVE in spades as is the mechanic who fixes my car.

So what does this prove? Well for a start it seems to show that the result of  a 'privileged' education at a public school followed by university is a spineless product with a yellow streak half a yard wide down its back. Conversely 'bog standard' comprehensives  still turn out patriots and people who actually dare to go against the Metropolitan elite view of life.  The GOOD NEWs is that there are a lot more people like my builders than there are professionals - so we can still hope for our freedom.   

Interestingly though when you challenge an INNER to a debate on why they are for remaining in the EU they waffle and have no real zeal for their chosen path other than it is 'safer.'  Wow 'safer' to be ruled by Germans -I don't think my father or grandfather would have agreed with that.