Thursday, 17 July 2014

Julian Brazier

A friends son came back from his TA drill night the other day:

'You know what Dad' - he said - 'did you know that in the last six months more Brits have joined the Islamic ISIS than have been recruited by the TA.'

Well I think that is a really interesting statistic and one which -if true - is going to cause the new Minister for the Reserve Forces -Julian Brazier quite a headache.

The appointment of Julian to this important post is surprising as he does not wear a skirt and actually knows an enormous amount about the job he has been given. Here I must put my hand up and admit that many moons ago Julian and I played soldiers together n and his knowledge and enthusiasm for the Reserve army is enormous.

My first memory of Julian is of him getting out of his sleeping bag on some cold damp Welsh hillside and we all -in amazement- stared at him - as he was dressed in silk pyjamas. He soon learnt though.  

Cabinet Reshuffle - A big kick in the crutch to rural England

So now we really know what David Cameron really thinks of rural England. He has sacked the best Environment secretary there has been for aeon's and replaced him with a 38 year old bit of hot totty called Elizabeth Truss. Just how disastrous this sacking is for the countryside is evident by the way all the usual suspects have welcomed it - so step forward the Badger trust, The RSPB ,Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the Wildlife Trust all organisations which are totally committed to ensuring that rural England is administered according to the ignorant prejudices of the urban 'hug a bunny' brigade. Well done Mr Cameron, you have just given everyone who lives and works in the countryside a very good reason to vote UKIP in the next election - if you don't give a fuck about us - why should we give a fuck about you?