Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cabinet Reshuffle - A big kick in the crutch to rural England

So now we really know what David Cameron really thinks of rural England. He has sacked the best Environment secretary there has been for aeon's and replaced him with a 38 year old bit of hot totty called Elizabeth Truss. Just how disastrous this sacking is for the countryside is evident by the way all the usual suspects have welcomed it - so step forward the Badger trust, The RSPB ,Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the Wildlife Trust all organisations which are totally committed to ensuring that rural England is administered according to the ignorant prejudices of the urban 'hug a bunny' brigade. Well done Mr Cameron, you have just given everyone who lives and works in the countryside a very good reason to vote UKIP in the next election - if you don't give a fuck about us - why should we give a fuck about you?  


  1. UKIP appear to be the only way to vote, what a sorry mess we are in!

  2. I whole hartedly agree with you Francis . I strongly believe that the M.P.s are only concerned with either foreign policy or what happens in the city and that when they visit the countryside it's all for show. It does beg the question of why don't they appoint someone whom knows exactly what they are talking about and how they can benefit our local economies especially when it comes to our area of Devon that we live in. I come from East Devon and it appears that there seams to be a line between them and us..... Trying to even get hold of your own M.P. Is difficult enough, they seam to be on holiday or busy ...