Tuesday, 31 May 2016

"You can't manage what you can't measure"

"You can't manage what you can't measure. "  Those seven words sum up, in my view , everything which is wrong in modern society and business.  They were uttered by a nonentity called Matt Hancock (note use of shortened version of his Christian name - so important in the new phoney 'right on' Conservative government) he is something called the Cabinet Officer Minister. He has proposed a set of questions employers are meant to ask prospective employees before offering them a job.   Yes I know this sounds just a touch like Nazi Germany but don't worry - strangely - Mr Hancock doesn't want you to be forced to reveal your race or religion  - yet- just details of your socio - economic background.  Why? Well obviously so companies and government  can discriminate against you if you come from the 'wrong one' and the 'wrong one ' in this case is anyone who was educated in Privately

So while discrimination is WRONG it can also now apparently be RIGHT.  The reasoning is that the Government is 'concerned ' that too many  people from a private educational background are employed in too many high powered jobs. Well perhaps that might just have more to do with the abolishment of the Grammar Schools in the sixties and seventies and a collapse in educational standards in the state sector for the next thirty years than by anything else .

But to return to that chilling phrase: "You can't manage what you can't measure" It is a Totalitarian view of life from the top. We are Puppet Masters - you the people - are our puppets and we will make you to dance to our tune.  Adolf, Uncle Joe and dear old Musso would all have nodded their heads in agreement  at - call me Matt- Hancock and 'Our Dave's bright idea.  but then the Metropolitan elite are in a way fascist in their total belief that only they are ever right and anyone else's views are beneath contempt.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Economic migrants - how do I invest in a boat builder

Could someone tell me how to invest in the company which makes those enormous blow up boats which economic migrants cram into when they venture out into the Mediterranean.  I mean what  a business!  You make the boat - the people smuggler buys it off you - then it is only used for one trip before he is back wanting another.  Not only that but I don't suppose there is a lot of competition in the enormous blow up boat market so you can presumably charge a pretty hefty price for your product.

Of course the obvious solution to the current economic migrant crisis is for a covert European agency to buy the boat manufacturer and either (a) shut it down or - more cleverly -(b) keep producing boats and taking money off the people smugglers for a short while but make sure the boats sink immediately they are launched.  But of course the best solution of all would be to identify the factory making the boats and then send in James Bond to destroy the factory and kill Mr Big as well as a few of his henchmen and assorted people smugglers. Sadly the hand wringing drips who rule over us and Europe at the moment wouldn't have the balls to do it. What we need are leaders more in the mould of the new President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. elected on a wave of populism he has promised to clean up corruption and crime happily pledging to dump the bodies of 100,000 gangsters in Manila Bay while laughing off accusations of his links with 'vigilante' killings in the city he was mayor of before his elevation. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Leicester triumph and Donald Trump

We all love an underdog - so many congratulations to Leicester City for winning the Premier League as a 5,000 to one outsider.  What price - I wonder - would the bookies have put on a double nine months ago of Leicester to win the Premiership and Donald Trump to win the Republican Party Presidential nomination!!

We live in a 'topsy turvey' world indeed at the moment and I can't remember when either the sporting world or the political world has had this much uncertainty or entertainment value.  In fact on current form of upsets I am starting to think that just maybe we Outers will win the day come 23rd of June - a thought which is reinforced by voters shyness in revealing to Pollsters voting intentions which they think are perhaps a shade politically incorrect.  So the winning candidate in the first round of the Austrian Presidential elections was a right winger who got 36% of the vote, some 8 percentage points higher than the polls had predicted. I must stop now and ring my bookmaker - I want a quote on a double. Britain to vote out and Donald Trump to win the Presidency -after all stranger things have happened!