Thursday, 30 July 2015

Immigration - Grandmother's footsteps

When I was a child we played Grandmother's Footsteps - remember it?  One of you is 'Grandmother' and faces away from everyone else - The AIM is for the rest of the players to creep up on Grandmother without being spotted by her when moving as - periodically 'Grandmother' whizzes round and if she spot you in motion then you are sent back to the start line. 

Well I can't help thinking that the current chaotic situation over illegal immigration at Calais is much like Grandmother's Footsteps.  The illegal immigrants, pseudo asylum seekers and the rest of the riff raff know that the only punishment that awaits them as they cause chaos and damage in their attempts to get into the UK is to be sent back to the start line where they can try again. It is frankly pathetic. If we are serious in sorting the problem out the solutions are both simple and cheap.

1)  Electrify the fences.  Put 50,000 volts through a wire fence and I somehow doubt if any would be illegal immigrant would try it on.

2) Put any illegal immigrant/asylum seeker who has made it through the tunnel and is then caught straight back on the next train to Calais - no if's or buts.

Calais though is only part of the problem.  Libya is where most of those who end up at Calais make their initial crossing from on their way to 'the Promised Land' of the UK where housing and benefits will be generously provided and where your chances of being deported are virtually zero.

Libya -is of course a joke - so worried are European countries, including the UK as being lacking in humanitarian concern that - weirdly - we provide a ferry system for the illegals - once they leave Libyan waters - to the safe haven of Italy. The result is that we have made the journey both safer and quicker for illegals thus further enriching the people smugglers.


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