Tuesday, 5 May 2015

the election

Suddenly everyone in the Conservative Party loves me.  No longer am I - being an old fashioned anti EU, pro immigration control, pro defence Tory an embarrassment - no now I am being being urgently wooed. Ian Duncan -Smith himself urges me and other UKIP supporters to return to the fold and he makes an -almost - convincing argument.

Vote Tory and Cameron will give you a referendum on Europe- vote UKIP and you will get Miliband and no referendum.

Well that almost convinces me and, if I had a Tory MP or candidate who I believed reflected my views then I would vote Conservative as I would vote for him not for Cameron. My MP though is a deputy whip which -frankly - says it all - so I will be voting UKIP.  But I will also be voting UKIP for another reason - I owe Farage. The only reason why Cameron is offering a 'guarantee' on a referendum is because of Nigel Farage, the only reason Cameron now takes immigration seriously is because of Nigel Farage. Nigel has changed British politics - he has taught the Conservative party a harsh lesson - if you move too far left in your ridiculous pursuit of the 'middle ground' you will lose your hard core support. Now - at the eleventh hour they have woken up to the fact that their 'hug a hoodie' strategy has delivered them 'fuck all'  new supporters while it has alienated around 5/10%  of voters  who where previously hard core supporters - that 5/10%, if they returned, to the fold would of course let Cameron in with a decent majority.

Sadly my loathing for Cameron and his acolytes -not to mention my distrust of my current conservative MP  cannot be quite overcome by the siren voices from Conservative Central Office because - when push comes to shove - I - and the for that matter every single patriot - owes one to Nigel Farage.


  1. Totally agree that we owe Farage a huge debt of gratitude for making the other parties finally realise that an awful lot of people have issues with immigration and Europe without being racists or bigots. Let's hope Cameron delivers.

  2. Francis as again hit the nail on the head.say it how it is without fear of alienation For years when any question about immigration is raised alarm bells sounded to the sound of bigot, farage has pushed all the parties to the fold, controlled immigration is the key, its abit late after 3million arrived the labour partys idea to rub the right nose into submission, a social ethnic experiment along with 2 drawn out wars, has pushed the good people of these great island to the brink, now cameron let us have our vote on the EU, and clean up our depleated nhs gov, services and have a fair tax system in place for rich and poor alike,