Friday, 21 November 2014


Plymouth gin -is - surprise- distilled in Plymouth and is currently the only gin with a Geographic Indication (GI) which means that it can only be made within the city boundary and with specific ingredients.

Sadly the company was sold some years ago to the ghastly overseas conglomerate Pernod Ricard a spokesman  of which said: ".... the company has realised it is not in the best interests of Plymouth gin to retain GI status."

Pass the sick bag. what he meant is that to say is this:

"We smelly French want to exploit the Plymouth Gin brand and make as much money out of it as possible and the easiest way of doing that is by distilling it where it is cheapest and most convenient for us to do so - which is not -actually in Plymouth - as we don't give a stuff for Plymouth or it's people."

Could Pinault Ricard's determination to devalue the name and brand of Plymouth gin have anything to do with the fact that for generations it has been the favourite drink of the Royal Navy and -if you want a laugh - ask Google to list French naval victories over the Royal Navy- there just aren't any.

The people of Plymouth, the Royal Navy and anyone else interested in the unique heritage of Plymouth gin must unite to fight the ghastly French and ensure that Plymouth gin remains unique to Plymouth . 


  1. An abomination! Money over heritage. A fast Franc over jobs, tradition and us Brits. The good people of Plymouth need support against these unwashed interlopers with their smelly cheese, hairy armpits and waxed moustaches. In any War, the French have always been lacking in backbone. Their flag should be a white cross on a white background.
    The British Royal Navy are steeped in history and Tradition and now i fear this Gin will have whiff of garlic about it, or something worse, like cowardice! Keep Plymouth Gin in Plymouth

  2. Well said Francis,keep defending our British Heritage .

  3. Another casualty of the crass, vulgar age in which we live....very sad.

  4. rip London Gin too albeit many years ago likewise Youngs Brewery now expensive apartments

  5. London Gin RIP too as well as John Youngs brewery in London SW18 now expensive apartments

  6. Steady. As a washed and backboned Frenchman, I take exception to being associated with one of the ghastlier spirits conglomerate in the world who's about as French as Jack the Ripper. I'm really sorry for Plymouth Dry Gin and the British naval traditions ("rum sodomy and the lash", according to one old lion). Who sold it to Porno-Ricard in the first place? I hope they're enjoying the dividends, in Plymouth or elsewhere.

    Gin was brought over to England by William of Orange and his little Dutch friends, by the way. Before, you people quaffed apple brandy, a far healthier drink. Try Calvados, it'll give you an idea. Gin only makes you pee (not an issue on the high seas, granted). Maybe Mr Fulford should try moonshining around the orchard as an alternative means of filling the coffers? It'll also irrigate the good old Franco-Normand roots, which secured Great Fulford in the first place.