Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bye bye Scotland and good riddance

So with an SNP majority North of the Border the prospect of a Scottish referendum being held on leaving the United Kingdom is a real possibility.  Now what Scottish Nationalists don't know is that I am an ardent supporter of there's, what's more I am not alone, in fact, doing a straw pole I have yet to find anyone down here in Devon who isn't a closet SNP supporter.  Why is this? Well, of course, we are bored with whining, whinging Scots bleating on about how hard done by they are, when in reality they sit up there, North of the border, guzzling down English subsidies and doing absolutely sod all work. This is not all their fault of course.  It was the great Dr. Johnson who said; "the noblest prospect which a Scotsman ever sees, is the high road which leads to England."

Not just England actually, in the 19th century every Scotsman with 'get up and go' got up and went, much to benefit of America and the British Empire generally but sadly, the result of all this emigration of the best of the Scots, was to diminish the 'gene pool' and as what was left behind was , by and large, the idle and the feckless, and as any farmer or horse breeder will tell you, if you breed from rubbish you get rubbish, that is the result. 

But seriously if our Dave is serious about campaigning vigorously to 'save the Union' then he has got his tactics all wrong. Most Scots are under the illusion that most English actually want the Union to continue, that we actually enjoy paying far more in taxes than we need in order to subsidise the Scots.  As long as they continue to believe this they will continue to press for Independence.  So if Dave really wants the Union to continue he must vigorously campaign against the Union. In fact he ought to have a referendum in England asking us to vote to abolish it, and once every one understood, that if we got rid of the spongers North of the border we halve the income tax rate, I think the result would not be in question.   


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  1. Yup!, don those Kilts (English idea to make you all look daft), eat your Shortbread (English again), head for the Gloamin (you win that one) and bugger off to the hills you scrounging illegible McMuppets!. Now, only Wales and Ireland to sort out.