Friday, 29 April 2011

Reflections on the Royal Wedding

Firstly did you notice how smartly turned out the police where who were lining the route?  - no nauseating Health & Safety high visibility jackets for them - they looked very smart and professional (the exception being the motorcycle escort to the various coaches who - for some reason - kept their bilious yellow coats on). I do think that one of the reasons why the police are now held in such low regard is that they look like a lot of overweight dustmen. When I was a boy the police everywhere were as smart as paint and respected and admired - now they look like slobs and are reviled and despised by nearly everyone - is there a connection I wonder? 

Secondly next time you hear someone question the value of the monarchy get them to ring up the owner of Land Rover/Jaguar. Behind every official car or coach cruised an immaculate Range Rover bursting with security men with all the kit - how much I wonder would an advertising agency have charged Land Rover for that 'product placement?'  And how many extra sales will that free advertising generate - quite a few I suspect. 

Thirdly even I - reluctantly dragged off by my wife to watch the whole affair on a friends giant TV 'with surround sound' - found my cynicism was gradually warn away by the brilliance of the pageantry, the beauty of the bride, the charm of the bridegroom and the  whole 'tout ensemble' of the event - hurray that has put those idiots who yearn for a republic back in their box.

Lastly the Duke of Edinburgh is a most remarkable man. So many people say that they dread getting old - well not if I am as fit and as good looking as the duke is at ninety.   


  1. What the hell is "Surround sound"? it sounds positively futuristic!. Personally i enjoyed the day tremendously and good luck to the couple etc., now all we need is for the old Lady to retire and give Charlie boy a pop at it, that will be fun!.

  2. The Commonwealth is going to be something quite useful to run toward when this whole EU project fails, hopefully after we've left. This is where much of the growth is in the world and all with a common language! The French will weep when we roar ahead, especially when we, the Head of the Commonwealth, rebuff their membership request once again! (we don't need rubbish like that in)

    It'll be much like after WWII, when we warmed to a 'friendly' America as our Empire completely declined, this had been much of the course for Britain for most of the 20th Century anyway, to someone who was like us. Nobody else had this. Next we have the Commonwealth, if they'll have us back.

    Oh how the actions and decisions of the distant past have kept us buoyant in this very confusing time we live, back in a time when Britain used to do what was right for herself and two fingers to anybody else.