Tuesday, 19 April 2011

is Cameron a phony?

According to the Daily Telegraph David Cameron will wear a 'lounge suit' rather than a morning coat to the Royal Wedding- what a plonker?  The problem with Cameron is that he has never had any connection with 'ordinary people' (if there is such a thing).  If only he had been a soldier or done something - anything - which brought him in touch with some of the great unwashed he would have found out something very strange- the one thing people hate more than anything else is a phony - someone pretending to be something they aren't. the other thing he might have discovered is that no one 'respects' you for 'dressing down' in fact - if he could be bothered to ask the Queen for some advice during his weekly audience - she would tell him  that 'ordinary people' don't want their monarch to dress as they do and nore - she would say - do I think they want their Prime Minister to 'dress down' either.   Still Cameron persists in nauseatingly wearing a 'hair shir' in public -so the long suffering Samantha had to slum it recently in a three star hotel in Spain to accord with this new 'image.'   come back Tony Blair - all is forgiven - yes you too were a phony but a least you carried it off with style and not like a wet blancmange.


  1. Looks like I'm not the only one who subscribes to your blog:


  2. Ha, calls himself oridinary?, rather like people who call themselves eccentric, eccentricity is an honour bestowed onto a sort by others and not a self promoting title, Cameron like a long line of these prize Tosspots needs a good kick in the arse!. See you at the wedding!.