Monday, 11 April 2011

National Trust 2

Yesterday morning we showed thirty three people round the house and then gave them coffee.  It was great fun and provided a bit of cash to help towards the house upkeep. The unfun bit is the lead up to the arrival of the visitors. It is true that it was only the previous evening that I happened to mention en passant to my wife that,shortly after breakfast, a coachload of some thirty odd people would be descending on us for a 'tour & coffee.'  It is also true that due to the burst pipe damage of the winter much of the interior is a building site rather than a pristine historic house. Lastly the children are back on holiday so passages are blocked up by trunks which appear to have vomited half their contents over the floor.  Still, as I explained, to my wife this is what visitors want. Simon Jenkins, the Chairman of the NT is on record as saying that he wants NT properties to have a more 'lived in air' and judging by the rather pathetic effort in this detraction made at Saltram, which I visited the other day, NT staff need to take lessons from me and my family.


  1. Jenkins, that tiny little big head. If that is the bloke from the Sunday Times then he can stuff it, what a golfer that prat is. So it looks like leaving the heating on for one day did the trick, ah well there's always next year.

    Why don't you run to be in charge of the Trust, the Conservatives are in, why not..

  2. Simon Jenkins wants living in!, he'll get a swift kick up the arse if i see him.