Monday, 23 May 2011


I am a member of this network site but I cannot remember how I joined - I can though remember why, it was in the hope that by doing so some freelance writing work might come my way - fat chance- and to date- nothing. I admit I never look at my site and that frankly I doubt its effectiveness but obviously those in the know know different as how else can you explain how this nonentity of a business can suddenly be worth $10.1 billion on the NYSE just a week after floating- I must be missing something.  So I have resolved to be more proactive on Linkedin to try to discover where the value in the site lies for idle freelance journalists like me.       

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  1. Any interest you may have received will have come from the visual aspect to your life, that's how I know you and subscribe. Everyone's entitled to be a one-hit-wonder.

    You need to invest in a digital camera and record the going's on around you village and the people you know, who wish to be filmed. You have to exploit you heritage here, but for the greater good of the interests from others.

    With some luck and following (greater following than this blog) you will be able to build form that. If you can't be "bothered" then nobody else will.