Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Overseas Aid

I think I have cracked where Cameron is going wrong. The Spectator informs me that a pollster -one Alan Cooper - has the ear of the Prime Minister - now that I think is the problem. the Overseas Aid fiasco is a typical example of how polls can mislead - ask an average Brit if they think it is a good idea to give 0.7% of GDP to third world countries and they will probably say -yes - not wanting to look mean and anyway 99% of those asked wouldn't have a clue what GDP was anyway.  Tell them though - some years later that - say - the Paras coming back from a tour of Afghanistan - must lose their 'para' pay in order to make an annual saving of £4.0 million to help pay for this vast amount of Overseas Aid and most Britswill be f  ****** furious.

Cameron's mistake is not to realise that opinions are like the wind. One minute the wind is from the South and seems set fair - the next it has veered to the North West and there is a gale blowing which could sweep you out of office.  If he has a brain he will back down on Overseas Aid otherwise it will come back to haunt him. Various newspapers have declared open season on Overseas Aid and it is an absolute racing certainty that a succession of scandals will be unearthed over the next year or so. Lastly, of course, it wouldn't be so bad if African, Middle Eastern and Asian potentates brought Jaguars and Range Rovers to drive around in, but what really pisses off the average Brit is seeing his hard earned taxes recycled into Mercedes Benz. 

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  1. Range Rover, Jaguar, who owns them then. If your talking about a real British car then you need look no further than the Noble M600: