Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Febuary is the most dismal month of the year. The weather is bloody, winter seems unending and all our friends
head off for some winter sun to recover from the shooting season which has just ended.  How I wish we too could join them - though having said that I know I would very soon get bored lying in the sun and having nothing to do but read a book.  The answer is to grit the teeth and 'fight through Febuary' in the hope that March will herald a marvelous Spring.      

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  1. Fret not, you are best on home turf, friend of mine went skiing recently and came back to England with a rotten leg, not broken or anything simple but just swollen and rotten, i told her she was a fool to ski at her age (which of course went down v well indeed).
    Agree re. Feb. it is not a good one but at least the Snowdrops are now out!.