Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Coming Out

I have Come Out - No not out of the 'Closet' but out of the Conservative Party. All my life I have been a Tory but I am afraid I can no longer stick being a member of a party led by 'Call me Dave' so I have switched to the UK Independence Party (UKIP).  Oh the relief.  At last I pay my dues to a party which actually believes in something and is prepared to fight for it. No more wishy washy phrases, no more half lies by a leadership to a membership who, when they get office, find excuses not to carry out their election pledges, no more -in short -appeasement - to the Guardian/BBC/Notting Hill Gate/Islington Intelligentsia, which thinks it has a monopoly of acceptable political thinking.  It is odd but I suspect that some 80% of the current membership of the Conservative feel as I do and would support the all UKIP manifesto but still - like I did until recently  - stick with the Tories in the hope that perhaps 'Dave' really has got a spine after all and that one day he will actually come out fighting for the interests of his country and for values which his party members hold dear. Forget it.  Dave is too frightened of being hated ever to be loved.  So I appeal to any Conservative Party member reading this to Come Out as well and join a party whose policies you truly believe in, you will find a ready welcome.  You will also have the comfort of knowing that the leadership and management of UKIP are not just, like the leadership of the 'New' Conservatives,  taking your money and using your services while laughing up their sleeves at your 'antideluvian opinions' and your naivety.  

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  1. Crikey, "Coming Out" i can imagine those headlines allright!. Is this a sabatical or a permanent move?. Must say though i have become even more disillusioned with Clan Macaroon recently, thought to give him a chance but its going a bit pear shaped, never studied UKIPs recipe but will have a beak on their site, be a wrench as been a Tory for ever, was even youngest mayor of Wilmslow way back. Lets see what Mr. Farage has to offer then shall we and maybe it wont be such a wrench at all.