Wednesday, 9 February 2011

dogs death

Today I dug the grave for my old Labrador Reggie - he was just sixteen which is a great age for a dog and had been in fine form till the last few weeks. In burying him I expect I have fallen foul of some ghastly environmental regulation but it has always seemed to me that giving your faithful hound a decent burial is the least you owe him. Besides I always find the effort in digging a grave for ones dog a cathartic experience.


  1. Good old Reggie, been there many times myself digging Dogs graves, never gets any easier for me, hope he had an apt ending to his sixteen years and bollix to any environment issues incurred!. There is a poem somewhere titled "Where to bury a Dog" soppy but a good one.

  2. Condolences.
    (may be a repeat, not certain if messages getting through. On this end they seem to just disappear)