Monday, 21 February 2011

the chainsaw and the smoker

Ten years ago I set off on a trip to America and stubbed my last cigarette out on a paving stone outside Exeter St. Davids Station - kissing my wife goodbye she vowed that she to would give up as well.  The problem was that she didn't believe I would give up so - when I returned a week later -a reformed smoker - I found that not only was she still puffing away but had made no effort to give up.  Ten years later she was-until yesterday - still a smoker consuming between 20 -30 ciggies a day at a vast cost to the family finances not to mention to her health. So why the change of heart. Well the log shed being virtually empty I decided to get the chain saw out and cut up some wood.  Now K is a health & safety nut - she sees disaster and injury in virtually every activity - and she has absolutely no faith in my ability to handle a chain saw - so when she heard the buzz of the saw she panicked and immediately assembled an emergency first aid package.  On my safe return she ranted and raved a bit on the 'how could you be so stupid ....' line and 'why can't you get someone else to do it ..' etc.  so I then pointed out that there was no spare money about to pay 'someone else to do it'  because it was all going up in smoke and as 'for being so stupid..' who was the stupider - she for continuing to smoke or me for having an occasional play with the chainsaw?  A deal was struck and sworn by the greatest oath in the family - on dogs death - that if she gave up the fags I would give up the chain saw - so far it is working.      

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  1. Some chocs on way to keep her mind of the evil weeds and for Christs sake throw the chainsaw in the lake.