Saturday, 31 March 2012

George Galloway

Well hurrah for the voters of West Bradford. Now I don't suppose George Galloway and I would agree on much politically but at least he is a man with convictions, character, a sense of humour and enjoys a cigar. So, in other words, there is a lot of good in the man and he is a vast improvement on most MP's, on both sides of the House of Commons, who seem to believe in nothing at all apart from their pathetic careers.

Let's hope the election of George is not a one off but the start of a rebellion by the electorate against our anodyne political leaders of all hues and we will see more upsets in by elections to come -not to mention of course the Euro Elections when I am backing UKIP to sweep the board and give Cameron a very bloody nose.  


  1. I knew you were a UKIPper, have you heard that DC is going to give an EU referendum on the UK either just before (nothing to loose with the LD's dead now) or after the GE in 2015, but it's only going to be a sort of "public gauge" as to what we all think.

    Fucking mooing! I'm never voting the Cons in. You know that, from your conversations with MPs, that UKIPs gaining ground (many defections) and it's still three years to go before the GE, I believe there'll be another coalition but this time more in the style of what Finland has.


  2. I agree with you but only to an extent. George Galloway was my MP for one term (I live in Bethnal Green) and frankly he is a vain idiot who was in it just for his own self-aggrandisement, he was hardly ever here and provoked more racial division by his presence then there had ever been before. He left a broken community at war with itself.

    All that said, he did make a good speech in front of the US Congress and that made me chuckle.