Friday, 9 March 2012

Francis Maude - a Nasty Tory

Francis Maude - a Minister in this weird government of 'all talents' we are currently afflicted with - maintains that the Tory party will always be seen as the 'nasty 'party unless it backs gay marriage, unmarried couples and does more to attract ethnic minority supporters. Now -there is a technical problem here- i.e. the nasty truth is that many ethnic minorities don't hold with Mr Maude's 'right on' attitude to gay rights or unmarried mothers, let alone gay marriage and, in fact, quite a few of these ethnic minorities consider gay anything to be a crime best punished by a particular gruesome and prolonged death while unmarried mothers are normally buried up to their neck in sand before everyone throws has fun throwing stones.  These inconvenient facts must cause any Conservative member keen to be seen to be a 'right on modern conservative' a problem. Does he embrace evangelical Nigerian Christians for example or the gay fascist marriage party?  Perhaps Mr. Maude could give us guidance on this issue.

Mr Maude's advocacy of gay marriage though has thrown up a another problem. By trying to placate one lobby he and David Cameron have unwittingly stirred up that sleeping giant, the Roman Catholic church and it's million UK members, not to mention the evangelical wing of the Church of England. The bad news for Mr Maude is that the issue of Gay marriage is not, as I suspect he and David Cameron thought, a non controversial affair, but is a highly controversial affair and - here is the irony - in their efforts to be seen as 'non nasty tories' Mr Maude and Mr Cameron have become 'very nasty tories' for those members of the Catholic Church and Church of England who oppose gay marriage as a matter of principle.          



  1. Excellent commentary. One cannot hold the view that expanding Islamic culture in Britain, on grounds of increasing ''diversity'' is also compatible with gay emancipation.
    By trying to be all things to all people, the Conservative party having become nothing to anyone. They have not won a majority in four consecutive elections, not because they are not left-wing enough, as they wrongly assume, but because the silent conservative majority are increasingly abandoning ship and not voting for them anymore.

  2. Fulford for Prime Minister. Wise words Francis. A loving and committed Civil Partnership between same-sex couples is to be cherished in this enlightened age, but a "marriage" it is not, and can never be. Mr Cameron and Mr Maude appear to have jumped onto Stonewall's bandwagon. Nearly 200,000 people have already signed the Petition for Marriage, below. Hopefully thousands more will sign it before untold damage is done to marriage.

    Please will you go to and sign the petition which reads:

    “I support the legal definition of marriage which is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. I oppose any attempt
    to re-define it.”
    The government proposes to change it to include same-sex partnerships, which would completely undermine the meaning of marriage. Society would suffer greatly from blurring the differences between male and female, because each brings to the union so much that the other does not have, and together they make something greater, both in personal union and in conceiving and nurturing new life. Marriage involves commitment, but not only commitment; it is maleness and femaleness
    combined, producing benefits which only that combination can bring. That is what the word “marriage” describes.
    from Brian Latham