Friday, 22 April 2016

Europe - all about GREED

It's all about GREED.  Or so it seems from listening to the arguments put forward by the Remain campaign. Their sole argument is that you - the average British person -will be better off financially in Europe rather than if we leave. They have no other argument because there is no other argument as far as they are concerned -it's all about MONEY.

Now historically we have been here before.  Many British kings and chiefs (including Boadicea's father) did deals with the Romans thinking they would be better off under Roman rule -all that trade with the Empire- than as free men.  Boadicea of course paid the price some years later when she was scourged and her daughters gang raped in front of her by Roman soldiers.   Likewise in 1066 the money men in the City of London hung back when Harold went to fight for his kingdom at Hastings thinking - as money men always do - that perhaps it might be in their better interest to be ruled by William as - after all - they had many trade links with Normandy. Well they learnt their lesson when the Normans went berserk at William's coronation and indulged themselves in an orgy of violence against the pusillanimous citizens of London who had turned up to grovel to the Conqueror.

Lessons of history are of course never learnt.  Now David Cameron would have us bind ourselves into a new Roman Empire. Am I surprised. No not at all. Cameron comes from a long line of stockbrokers and is like the anti hero, Edward Cossey, in the great Victorian  novel- Colonel Quartich VC by Rider Haggard, of whom he wrote;

Goldsmiths two centuries back, then bankers from generation to generation, money bees seeking for wealth and counting it from decade to decade, till at last gold became to them what honour is to nobler stock -the pervading principle and the clink of the guinea and the rustling of the bank note stirred their blood as the clank of armed men and the sound of the flapping banner with its three golden hawks flaming in the sun , was wont to set the hearts of the race of Boissey of Dofferleigh and of de la Molle beating to that tune to which England marched on to win the World.

Great stuff and I think there is no doubt whatsoever which way Rider Haggard would vote in the coming referendum!


  1. Agreed. Common sense isnt all that common anymore. Lets get out!!