Tuesday, 31 March 2015

House tours

Strangely a lot of people seem to want to look round my house!  Sadly as we don't open on a regular basis I have to charge a pretty outrageous minimum charge of £135 for a private tour -  otherwise I would spend my whole time wandering round my house with the odd visitor for somewhat less than the legal minimum wage!

Luckily I have found the answer to this problem - it is called Invitation to View (www.invitationtoview).  All prospective viewers have to do is look up their web site, then click on PROPERTIES and scroll down till you come to Great Fulford - click on that and you find dates/times when you can, as an individual, book yourself in for the doubtful pleasure of a 'tour and tea with me!'

Sometimes a solitary character turns up and on other times it develops into quite a party but it has proved - I think - to be rather good fun - not just for my viewers - but for me as well.


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