Friday, 27 March 2015

Food Banks

I felt a bit sorry for David Cameron being ambushed by Paxman on the subject of food banks. Paxman seems to think that the growth in Food Banks and the growth in people using them equals more poverty - it doesn't.  If you offer people free anything you should not be surprised that people take advantage of your offer as even Paxo would discover if he offered his books for free.

Free food is frankly an opportunity too good to miss - it means more money to spend on fags,beer, 40 inch Plasma TV's and other essentials.  Food is actually very cheap - not just my opinion it is official. fifty odd years ago food took some 40% of a households budget now it takes around 10%.  So three cheers for Britain's -and the World's - farmers - they have done a cracking job, as incidentally, have the food retailers - at feeding the people of this country at incredibly cheap prices.  No cheers though for Paxman who - with his massive brain - must have known that his food bank question was pathetic.    

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  1. Spot on as ever Francis - too much of the London political/media centric are disconnected from the realities of how the proceeds of the welfare state are utilised by certain members of society - more power to Duncan Smith i.e. update brief to David