Monday, 31 March 2014

Gay Marraige - Gay Divorce

So a milestone has been reached - and now past - Gay marriage is now legal.  Now for the next milestone - the first Gay Divorce!  For it was not only in the pubs and clubs frequented by the Gay community that this historic event was greeted with celebration - it was also in the hallowed halls and lodgings of Inns of Court where dwell that most despicable breed of lawyers - divorce barristers and their jackals -divorce solicitors.

I suppose it will be at least a decade or so before we can honestly say whether gay marriages are more lasting than straight ones. Currently some 42% of heterosexual marriages end up in the divorce court and it will be interesting to see if gays do any better but, even if they do, homosexual divorce will be a feature of our law courts in the future.

The good news for the vultures of the legal profession is that gays tend to be richer as they have no children to spend money on (normally anyway) - at the same time - when it comes to dividing up the assets of the gay couple- there will also be no children complicating matters and demanding that part of the proceeds should be reserved for them. 

Now, being the cynic that I am, I cannot help thinking that rich gays may be, even as I write, having their arms twisted by penniless partners into proposing marriage which -years later -they will sorely regret as they see themselves effectively robbed by, not only their ex partner but by a phalanx of greedy lawyers.


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