Monday, 27 August 2012

Prince Harry

The historian Lord Macaulay (1800 -1859) wrote; "We know no spectacle so ridiculous as the British public in one of its periodic fits of morality."   Except today, in the 21st century, when over the last week we haver been nauseated by the sight of elements of the British Press enjoying themselves at the expense of a cracking young lad who most of us would be immensely proud to have as a son.

Last week I read a lengthy article in the Daily Telegraph by their arch prig -Peter Oborne - whining on about how Prince Harry by his behaviour had bought both the Royal family and the British Military into disrepute. Leaving the Royal family out of it  (though I bet Prince Philip is heartily glad that camera phones were not around in his youth) what sort of men does Peter Oborne actually think join the armed forces and willingly risk their lives so little worms like him can tout their poison in freedom?  Well I will let him into a little  secret. They are red bloodied boys who thrive on the high adrenalin which military life provides and love nothing more than having a bloody good party and if that involves playing strip poker with pretty girls all the better.  They are not in short anally retentive prigs like Oborne or others of his ilk who have enjoyed themselves writing sermons about Prince Harry's conduct over the last week.  

There was also a nauseous  leader in the Sunday Times which praised their sister paper - The Sun - for 'Its brave loan stand for press freedom.' For those who don't know the owner of The Sunday Times and The Sun is Rupert Murdoch, who also of course owns Fox News in America, and  who is on record as having a peculiar loathing for the Royal family.  Actually, of course, the reason The Sun published the photos has nothing to do with 'bravery' and everything to do with selling extra copies of its joke newspaper thereby putting more money into Murdoch's grubby pocket.   


  1. Totally agree. I thought "bloody good on Harry" myself !! So what if he's a member of the Royal Family ? I bet his mum would have got a kick out of him getting caught out like that. He wasn't caught swearing or doing drugs or bashing someone as most of the British youth these days do.....I know which one I'd prefer as a child of mine !

  2. I agree too,though not obviously with an army background I feel Harry was just a single man having one hell of a holiday before going back on dangerous and active service. What did disappoint me was that his friends and protection squad did not protect him more. I hope he chooses his friends carefully and that they in turn look after this really wonderful young man.