Sunday, 19 August 2012

Kishanda - my wife -arthur my son

Actually I am not alone in my family in being able to write. My wife too is good with a pen and to prove it I append the link to her latest offering in the 'The Hidden Britain' supplement of todays Sunday Telelgraph where she expounds lucidly and humourously on the perils and pitfalls of being chatelaine of our house.  The good news is that my son, Arthur, has added his comments as well to the piece on his 'view of his inheritance' proving not only that the literary gene!  has been passed on but that the future of this house and estate are safe in his hands.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoyed that. Hard to believe one carpet was THAT heavy !! Perhaps one day Kishanda can be happily calling Paris with the knowledge nobody will be frowning upon her doing so whilst you still have peeling wallpaper or some such monstrosity according to some pompous arse !!
    That was a nice piece by Arthur too. Nice to know he appreciates his inheritance so.