Wednesday, 2 November 2011

St. Pauls

The shambles outside and inside St Pauls Cathedral has caused me to recall the prophetic words of Archdeacon Grantley in Trollope's BarchesterTowers:

"It is not dissenters or papists we should fear but the set of low bred hypocrites who are wriggling their way in amongst us, men who have no fixed principles, no standard ideas of religious doctrine, but who take up some popular cry as this fellow has done....."

Sadly the leadership of the Church of England, if the bunch of hand wringing tortured souls who make up most of the Bishops and Archbishops could be called 'leaders' in any sense of the word, now are virtually all are of the type which the great Archdeacon was railing against over his breakfast.

Perhaps the sort of Church leader St Pauls needs now is more of the type of the Papal Legate to the Albigensian Crusaders in the 13th century who, when the Crusading army had finally breached the walls of Caracossone and were about to storm the City and put the inhabitants to the sword, was asked by one of the Crusader leaders the perfectly reasonable question ;  "My Lord how shall we tell which of the inhabitants are heretics and which are true believers?"   

To which he replied: " Kill them all - The Lord will know his own"



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  1. The Bishop of Canterbury is an idiot! He's supposed to be a-political, he's not an economist what does he know about the Tobin Tax?! It's a ax on London, the financial centre of the world, which would raise about €40bn of the €50bn assumed could be raised, this to prop-up the Euro.

    Sweden was in disarray when they introduced it in the 1990s and unless it's done so worldwide what does the Bishop think will happen to the city of London?! He needs to be reminded that his hat can be taken from him at any time!

    The IV Reich is about to go belly up anyway thanks to the Greeks! Its about time. If only our PM had the balls of Papandreou. I personally don't see why, with the gains of UKIP (now only 1% behind the LibDems), that DC just doesn't tell Clegg to piss off and form a coalition with UKIP, after the voting boundaries have been sorted out of course!