Friday, 4 November 2011

British Heart Foundation & Cancer Research Campaign behave appallingly

Most days there is something in my newspaper which makes me spit with rage but today I read an article which caused me to go off the Richter scale. In case you missed it here are the bare bones:  A old couple had been living together for fifteen years but were not married. One day the elder. a 92 year old woman. died. A week before she died she gve her partner, who had been her sole 'legal carer' for the last three years of her life, a cheque for £61,000.  After her death her will was read and in it she had left her house, her car, £ 28,000 in cash to her partner with anything left over to be split between The British Heart Foundation and the Cancer Research Campaign. well there was nothing left so you would have thought -wouldn't you - that that would be that.

Not these days though.  The two Charities decided to take her partner to court as they wanted to get their hands on the £61,000 which they thought, with a bit of luck, they could persuade a Judge had not been a 'gift' but rather a loan in which case, of course, it needed paying back to the deceased estate and then they could get their snouts in the trough and have their 'fair share' of the estate. The end result is that the charites have 'got lucky' and found a Judge who agrees with them, so the 72 year old disabled surviving partner will now  have to sell the house to pay the charites and his own legal bills and give them their thirty pieces of silver.

No one, neither the judge, or either of the two charities, seemd remotely bothered about what the dead womens actual 'wishes' were regardless of the detail of the law. But then who cares for stupid sentimental rubbish like that when there is money at stake. By their actions these two mega rich Charities have revealed themselves to be greedy and rapacious it is to be hoped that others read about their behaviour as well as me and that even now wills are being redrafted to cut them out. Certainly no one representing either Charity better ask me for any gift ever again.

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  1. This is beyond appalling! And I used to think that this sort of outrage only happened here in the US....