Wednesday, 23 March 2011

housing ladder

If there is one phrase which makes me reach for the sick bag when uttered by a politician, or anyone else for that matter, it is 'I want to help first time buyers on to the housing ladder.'  So when George Osborne uttered these words in his budget today I had to make a hasty exit for the loo. I mean let's not forget that the reason we are  up to our necks in the financial proverbial, is precisely because the entire population of virtually every country  became convinced that they had finally discovered the philosophers stone and that the secret of having untold wealth was to borrow as much money as you could and invest in property. How often have I sat round dinner tables over the last decade and groaned as yet another mother boasted how her son had 'got on the property ladder' only to discover presumably in the last few years that, just as in the board game, there are snakes as well as ladders in the property market.     

In fact of course George Osborne was being highly 'economical with the truth' in saying he wants to help 'first time buyers' as his financial help is restricted to helping only those who buy new homes not old ones. Come on George what have you got against second hand homes?  Or are you really trying to help home builders rather than home buyers. 

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  1. Not keen on Georgie Boy, looks like he needs a kick up the arse to wake him up!, infact if i ever meet him, which is unlikely as i am absolutely allergic to podgy faced wimps like him, i will kick him myself....promise.