Friday, 4 March 2011

Barnsley by- election

Didn't we do well? my new party UKIP I mean- coming second- hurray and the Liberals  beaten into sixth place - my cup over floweth. Well politics is once again becoming interesting.  I always thought that once the  Liberals became part of Government their support would whither on the vine as so many people who voted Liberal in the past didn't do so because they were signed up sandal wearing Europhiles but because they couldn't stand the other two parties - and it is hard to blame them.  But 'protest votes' have to find a home and what better home than a party which actually has an agenda which is not only simple to understand but which the majority of people in this country probably would sign up to.  Oh dear - for years the Liberal Party wished to hold the balance of power - then when they finally got their wish they realised too late that it was a poisonous chalice likely - at the next election -to stuff them back into the taxi from which they have so recently emerged.  Good riddance. Now on to my bookmaker. What odds UKIP getting the most seats in the Euro elections? what odds UKIP winning a by -election? I think I will find out as I do like and easy way to make money.  

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  1. Where LibDems lose in one place, those socialist commies gain in another: