Monday, 12 June 2017

The UK election - lessons learnt

Predictably the 'Remoaners' are rejoicing at the disastrous Tory election result. Now we must have a 'Soft' Brexit -what ever that means - sounds like a brand of lavatory paper to me..

Well actually NO -the election didn't say that - or anything like that.  The UKIP vote mostly went to the Tories whilst the openly 'Remain' parties, the SNP and the Liberals had a really bad election. it would be a grave mistake of politicians and 'the business community' (of which more later) to think they have killed the UKIP Dragon, it's not dead but only sleeping and Nigel Farage is already half awake ready to re-join the fray. In other words if the Conservative government now thinks it would be good politics to cuddle up to the Germans then they risk reigniting UKIP and a large scale fall off in their electoral support.

Have we learnt anything from this election. Well one thing is that education is clearly a complete waste of time and money - a view I have long held, noting that most successful companies are started by those who leave school at sixteen with one GCSE not graduates with double firsts.  so Cambridge - that seat of learning - retuned a Labour MP for the first time ever- why - because Corbyn said he would not only stop charging students tuition fees but- at a cost of a mere £30 billion- wipe out the debts of any graduate with an outstanding student loan!

You might have thought that the educated elite would have been able to do the sums and work out that showering such largesse on graduates now wallowing in highly paid jobs in business and banking, was, for both economic and political reasons, just not going to happen. But Oh No. These over educated morons voted Labour. so that's one major lesson learnt  - spending more money on education doesn't equal producing a more intelligent electorate - rather the opposite.

Now for the 'business community.' I know - though press studiously ignores it - that many truly successful businessmen -who have actually built up their own businesses -like Lord Bamford - are pro Brexit while the 'Buggins turn' bosses of Britain's banks and large PLC's  are predictably 'Remoaners' also that there are many superb economists who think that a hard Brexit is quite manageable economically.

The thing to remember about the 'business community' is that their vision is short term - for them
five years is a long term project. Governments though should be thinking long term. So the 'business community' loves immigration because it gives them cheap labour. they don't have to worry about the long term consequences of it or pay for the education, health and housing problems it brings in its wake - they just like counting their -mostly unearned -bonuses.

As for the 'banking community' don't get me started on these pariahs. The whole reasons we are in the economic pooh is because of their gross incompetence and they have the nerve to lecture us on the follies of Brexit.  But don't worry when they threaten that 'jobs will leave London' because - frankly- they are most likely to be foreign jobs anyway - by that I  mean a job carried out by a foreigner working and living in London. A friend working for a large Investment Bank told me in his department - employing some 70 people -he and one other where the only Englishmen -So bye bye  banking jobs and hello to affordable house prices in London. sounds like a good deal to me.  

Oh and if a banking exodus means a fall in tax revenue - well we now know where to make the savings - in the higher education budget - it is - as they say - a no brainer


  1. Your blog is a balm to the soul.

  2. It would appear that the election was forced upon the Prime Minister. And whoever came up with her manifesto during campaign time perhaps deliberately got it so wrong.
    I cannot understand why she was ahead so much in the polls, The day before the announcement. No one wanted Corbyn. And yet straight after the election the media are suggesting that the result means people do not want Brexit. BIS truly do run the world.

  3. Cambridge returned a Labour MP between 1992 and 2005 and again since 2015.