Sunday, 19 February 2017

Macdonald's bacon roll v bacon sarney

The other day I was on the road and in need of  breakfast. I spotted a Macdonalds. Now I haven't been into a Macdonalds for about thirty years - so I thought I would see if they have improved!

I perused the menu and settled on a bacon roll. Now frankly what can go wrong with that I thought. The answer - everything. First, it was absolutely tasteless:  the roll was like chewing on cotton wool, the bacon was flavourless rubber and to cap it all it was  tepid.  So I won't be going to a Macdonalds again. But hang on - just how could they have got something so simple and so delicious as a bacon roll so wrong?

Now a proper bacon sandwich or sarney is one of the great culinary delights of the world. The most memorable one I ever had was at a café halfway up a steep hill on our way back from a weekend playing soldiers in the Black Mountains in Wales.  This - Macdonalds -is what you have to do to make a great bacon sandwich.

First -obviously - choose good thick cut tasty bacon with lots of fat - then fry it - then put the said bacon between two slices of Mothers Pride white bread which have been liberally spread with margarine- then serve with a large mug of hot tea or coffee and - as Americans say - enjoy- there is nothing to beat it.

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  1. I couldn't agree more, the cardboard cartons that McDonald's serve their food in has more flavour !