Thursday, 12 January 2017

Piers Morgan - The Donald's knight errant

Flicking through Daily Mail on line today I came across this virulent defence of Donald Trump from someone called Piers Morgan

"The only hookers in this story are the cheap lazy journalists who ran with the fake Trump sleaze to urinate on his Presidency"

Can this possibly be the same Piers Morgan who when editor of the Daily Mirror splashed the front page with fake photographs of supposedly British soldiers urinating on captive Iraqis? Surely not, no it couldn't possibly be, especially as I read on : . 

"Because if the new journalism is publish whatever comes across your desk, without any independent  proof it is true, then that's not journalism, it's exactly what Trump called it today: crap "

How very true. Except that is not the 'new journalism' it is the old journalism as practised by Piers Morgan when he was editor of the Daily Mirror -for yes - amazingly -it is indeed one and the same person as -in a follow up paragraph he writes:

"I was fired for publishing supposedly fake (my italics)photographs of  British troops abusing Iraqi civilians..."

Which of course is not true - there was nothing supposedly fake about those photographs - they were fake. By publishing them without "any independent proof" he undoubtedly jeopardised the lives of British troop in Iraq for his own ends.  But Piers is so 'up his own bottom' (it must be a large one to accommodate such an huge arrogant ego)  that he still cannot admit he was wrong and that everything he is now criticising the American press for he was guilty of years back.

A last thought - what do you think Piers-if he was editor of the Mirror today- would have done with this story-published it in full with all lurid details or  refused to touch it until 'proof ' was provided?  It is a no brainer isn't it. What a putrid piece of humanity Morgan is

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