Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Illegal immigration and Cameron's scaremongering

Well I'm back. David Cameron has finally driven me to take up pen again. His latest scaremongering claim that if we vote to leave Europe we will become inundated with asylum seekers from Calais is just simply a lie. First the French have stated that they have no intention on breaking the treaty which allows UK immigration control to take place at Calais but secondly there would be a very simple solution to the problem if the French did break the treaty -put the responsibility for ensuring that only passengers with valid documentation arrived at Dover firmly on the people who profit from carrying the cross channel traffic - the Ferry Companies.

In short make the Ferry companies check the documents of all passengers just like airlines check your passport etc. and fine them say £25,000 for each illegal immigrant or asylum seeker they let through.  Somehow I think that would solve the problem.      

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