Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Egypt - something to cheer about

Well hurrah for the army. As the bleeding heart liberals wring their hands at the way the military deposed the 'democratically elected' Mr Morsi (he actually got only 25% of the votes of those eligible to vote) I rejoice and open the champagne. The army, quite correctly, have gone in hard and not pussy footed about. If a things worth doing it's worth doing properly and getting rid of Mr Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government was certainly something worth doing.  Egypt, under the so called 'moderate' Morsi was heading down the road to becoming a Muslim 'theocracy.'  His government had already started openly encouraging violence against Egypt's 8 million Christians as well as other Muslim minorities who it disapproved off.

I also have a shrewd suspicion that Mr Morsi and his friends where already giving much thought to ways to hang on to power without going through the tedious process of having to present themselves for re election, no doubt taking lessons from the history of most Communist and African dictatorships who managed to survive many years on the principle of one man one vote once.  They might even have been talking to the current President of Turkey who is also an Islamist and has taken the precaution of purging his army and imprisoning many generals on trumped up charges. This particular 'champion of democarcy' said once: 'Democarcy is like a train- you get off it when you get to yours station' a view I suspect that Mr Morsi would have endorsed.  

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  1. Yes. The trouble with all those Arabic states is that politics and religion are intertwined, and until these two are separated, these countries will never be able to progress any further than they are at present. Northern Ireland is a good example of this, but in the Islamic world, its far, far, more complicated than whats going on on Belfast. Its really too bad that Morsi and his lads seem keen on blowing up Christian places of worship, but for the UK to get involved in this mess is plain stupid. Just let them all shoot one another, will it really matter to us lot ??