Wednesday, 30 January 2013

An ABC for Baby Patriots 1899

No wonder literacy rates among children where higher in the 19th century than they are now. They had great books like this from which to learn their letters. Brilliantly illustrated it contains marvellous rhymes like this one for the letter K.

K is for Kings
once warlike and haughty
Great Britain subdued them
because they'd been naughty

Or what about C;

C is for colonies
rightly we boast
That of all the great nations
Great Britain has most

Sadly much of it is now out of date but not everything - Surely A is still -just - true;

A is the Army
that dies for the Queen
It's the very best army
That ever was seen

Though not perhaps for much longer as 'Our Dave ' persists in cutting it to the bone so he can continue to finance his ridiculous obsession with Overseas Aid

But there is one rhyme which is still as true today as it was in 1899. The letter Q.

Q is our queen !
It fills us with pride
to see the Queens coach
when the Queen is inside

Anyway if you have children starting to learn their letters go on the internet and get this book - It is great . Personally if I was Mr. Gove I think I would make it a set book in every Primary School in the land. Children would not only learn their letters but a bit of history as well and then they might ask how- in just over a century -a great country could piss such legacy down the drain. Well the answer is simple -one word-  Politicians.  


  1. P is for Politicians
    they rule us with lies
    near bankrupt the country
    their heads on spires!

  2. David Cameron is just a closet Socialist. I'd vote Fulford if you were to run for PM! As would a lot of others as you talk some sense unlike most, if not all in the House of Commons. They are all just a bunch of utter idiots who are to scared to say anything remotely patriotic incase it insults somebody whose 20th great grandfather was German or something ridiculous. Well if it does to bloody bad, they'd just have to put up with it if I was to have my ways because this whole regime of English hating Moronic MPs, has created a generation of American loving, dismissive oafs.