Friday, 3 February 2012


Now I am thrilled that I installed a new central heating boiler. All winter to date I have begrudged the £12,000 which I had to spend on replacing my old faithful but now - hurray - it is finally earning its keep. Yesterday I turned it on for the first time this winter and as I write - in comparative warmth - I can hear it chugging away merrily next door - although - I hasten to say - that the warmth - welcome as it is - is really just a secondary benefit and not the primary  one, that is to ensure that the house is warm enough so that the pipes don't freeze and then burst - as happened last winter- which caused much grief.   Also I hope that this cold weather will persuade the flowers to go back to sleep for another month or so - only the other day I stumbled across a primrose which had unwisely decided that spring was here! I do not like my flowers to be out in February - let alone January.

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  1. I hate winter. Central London in winter is this kind of grey, anaemia with sick people and foreigners pecking at each other in the streets like battery hens. The fabled streets of this cannibalistic dystopia are paved with beggars sitting on broken cardboard boxes, pigeon shit and phlegm.

    I loathe London in winter so much that I don't even look out the window until the Ides of March.... one week to go...