Monday, 19 September 2011

A Holiday in France

Just returned from a week on the Ile de Re - a largish Island just off the French coast by La Rochelle.  Some thought on the French and France:

1) Although the French are extremely greedy and seem to eat a lot I hardly saw a fat one -why? is it genetics?

2) Why is it that a new bungalow in the UK -or any bungalow in the UK for that matter - is an architectural excrescence upon the earth while a bungalow in France seamlessly fits into the landscape? - could it be something to do with the fact that the French continue to use traditional materials and do not have a love affair with 'picture windows' and PVC. 

3) We Brits wear our scruffiest and most comfortable clothes at the beach - but the French - both male and female - seemed to have taken great care on their holiday outfits and invested a lot of money in them.

4) The beaches on the Ile de Re are marvellous enormous expanses of sand - yet I saw no one making a sand castle? no one playing beach cricket - not even beach French cricket - in fact no one doing anything except lying in the sun.

5) France is bloody expensive. Even my wife recoiled in horror when idly browsing in a clothes shop. While as for the houses if you think prices in Rock in Cornwall or Salcombe in Devon are pricey -wise up -prices on the Ile de Re are stratospheric.



  2. At least in france you can rest assured that all the british tourists will have gone to either spain or greece.