Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riots and Appeasement

On Sunday night the police entered into an unholy pact with the rioters in Tottenham. Carry on looting and we won't interfere -just don't throw bricks and bottles at us please and stay roughly in your own area. What a deal, and the inhabitants of Tottenham reacted with glee to the offer and took full advantage of it. Hardly surprising then that all around the country the 'yuff' on sink estates said to themselves; 'Why this is great - all we have to do is get fifty or sixty of us together in a shopping centre - cause some aggro - and the police will do nothing while we help ourselves to all the goodies we always wanted.

It was not that long ago that us Brits took pride in having the best police in the world - now we have among the worst police in the world - utterly incapable of doing what they are overpaid to do - namely keep order and protect private property. Partly this must be due to the very low calibre of officers at the top of the police -watching the acting head of the Metropolitan Police on TV trying to explain what was happening was embarrassing - he couldn't even put his cap on straight.

One other point. why is it OK to fire rubber bullets at Irishmen and douse them in CS gas when they misbehave but it is strictly verbotem use such methods on the good citizens of Tottenham when they decide to go on the rampage. Are Irishmen meant to have thicker heads or something or is it just permissable to be beastly to rioting Irishmen but not to 'members of immigrant community.'  Anyhow it strickes me as a very racist policy and one which should be reversed forwith - if it is all right to blast Paddy with a rubber bullet it must be OK to blast anyone else with one as well. 

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