Friday, 15 July 2011

David Cameron and the Dowler family

Am I alone in being absolutely nauseated by the photographs of the Prime Minister 'looking concerned and being proactive' while talking to the family of the murdered girl, Milly Dowler ,in Downing Street.  Now forget, for a moment, whether spending time with the Dowler family is actually the best use of the Prime Minister's time (this was no less than the third meeting the family have had with senior politicians) -why was it so absolutely vital for the meeting to be photographed and spread all over the newspapers?  Ok - don't be so naieve Fulford - we all know why - because Our Dave wanted to appear to the general electorate as 'concerned' and - of course -'caring.'  But that raises the question about why the Dowler family are allowing themselves to be manipulated by a cynical politiican?

Actually as the Phone Hacking scandal continues to develop I find I am spending almost my entire time in the lavatory puking up my guts at the behaviour of our ghastly politiicans - not just Our Dave either- what of our ex Prime Minister Gordon Brown polemic against News International - could this really be the same man who invited -yes actually invited - four tabloid editors to the funeral of his son -and who - after the Sun had broken the story of their little boy's illness in banner headlines- invited Rebecca Brooks together with Rupert Murdoch's current wife and his daughter to a 'girly slumber over ' at Chequers? yes it could. And what about the ghastly Keith Vaz , a MP whose career is hardly unblemished with scandal, harangueing and interrogating police officers.  Now the Murdochs have agreeed to go in front of a Parlimentary Committe I have some advice for them - do your homework on your interrogators and don't just sit there and let them attack you - give it back to them back in spades - the chances are - as we now know thanks to the Daily Telegraph - most of them have had their hands in the till i.e. been caught stealing money and remember the old saying - attack is the best form of defence - and it would make cracking Television..

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