Saturday, 6 March 2010

My First Blog Post

Being by nature a pessimist I don't suspect anybody will ever bother to read what I write here but my 'up to the minute' techy friends say that this is the 'new age' and that I must 'sign up to it' by having a 'blog' - so here goes. I admit to being constantly surprised to read that not only do millions of people spend their time reading blogs and something called 'twitters' (definately not me - will leave that to ultimate morons like Stephen Fry and his ilk) but that the Great & Good spend many hours writing their blogs and twitters. I am of course not one of Great & Good but I hope I am also not one of the Bad & Beastly either, although I am sometime painted as such because of a TV programme on which I said 'fuck' a lot. The truth about that particular TV programme actually is that I don't - in normal life - say 'Fuck' that much, however during the thirty odd days filming of some eight hours a day the word did slip out occasionally - but I was unconcerned as I knew the programme was going out before 9 0'clock (the Threshold) and so all those incidents would be cut.  How wrong I was. Initially the editors did cut all swearing out but they saved it in something they chose to call the 'fuck box.' One day they looked in the 'fuck box' and eureka they had a programme! Not that I minded (though my wife did a bit) as I had been well paid and have since done quite a lot more TV work - all for good money. Still it sometimes is a bore being typecast as some sort of foulmouthed dim landowner of ancient linage - a sort of upper class Brontosorus Rex.   


  1. Francis

    At least you've got one person reading your blog. I'll try to pop by from time to time.

    I think the highlight for my family from the original TV appearance was Kishanda heaving the telly into the lake.

    Yours aye

    Stephen P

  2. At least I'm not the only person on the planet who refuses to use twatter